My first swagger-wagon.

Digging around some old files, I found this little jewel …

This picture says a lot about my past.  When I was in high school, my first car was a maroon ’94 Ford Escort. It was a great car.  Like all high school guys, I longed to impress the ladies by pimping my ride.  Of course, I wanted more than just racing stripes and flames … no, I wanted to Stars ‘n Stripes and Flames!

The reality is, I was too chicken/cheap/realistic to ever get my car painted.  So being the budding photoshop nerd that I was, I scanned a picture and went to town (digitally).  Two-toned blue flames atop white stripes of justice.  Even the top was going to get the Ivey touch.  Even if it was a digital dream, it was my dream and I was proud of it.  I probably emailed it to a few a of my friends.

Notice the sweet “bar-code” tag on the front?  Yeah that was real.  Turned plenty of heads.  I even heard lots of whispers about that medallion hanging from the rear-view mirror.  I got that baby as a “participation award” at a regional Tae Kwon Do tournament.  “What? Ben Ivey is a black belt?!”  That’s right, ladies.  In my mind, I projected an image that said, “I can protect my dates from both roaming ninjas and computer viruses.”  (Assuming a date would eventually happen).

My Escort was a true swagger-wagon.  The seatbelts were automatic, the windows weren’t.  I spent many an hour before classes listening to a mixture of DC Talk, Linkin Park, and NPR.  You could find me cruising the streets of C-Town or slurpin’ a Sonic slushy at the Wal-Mart.

Sadly, nothing stays gold forever.  The day came when I traded up for an ’01 PT Cruiser.  I sold my Escort to a maid who worked at Mississippi College for the grand sum of $400 (which I think my dad kept because the title was in his name anyway).  Not sure where this car is now; but I hope it’s in a good home.  Perhaps parked in a garage where someone loves it just as much as I did.

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